You're Volty, a little battery that's been lost down the sink. Chargers will keep Volty alive, but you will have to use his power to control things in the world. Watch out for water, and puzzle platform your way to freedom!


Left / Right -> Walk

Down / Up -> Enter / exit chargers and controllers

Z -> Jump

Made for Ludum Dare 46

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
AuthorsNasty Old Wizard, Lizard
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, Game Boy, Ludum Dare 46, Pixel Art, Puzzle-Platformer
LinksLudum Dare


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Is there a way to proceed with Act 3 The Climb Level 1?  It just seems to be an charger and an empty void to the right.  Other than that excellent if sometimes frustrating game.


yeah act 3 never got finished and wasn't meant to be in the final build oops

This is a great game, except for the tutorial levels. The switch-pods, the ones that toggle water pipes and platforms, are not very visible. Like in level 5, it kind of blends into the background and can easily be missed. I think they also need a symbol, same as the recharge pods, to make them more cleary visible. Also maybe add texts "press JUMP to start" or "press DOWN to active elevator" or something in the first few levels.

Other than that this is one excellent game, great job on the leveldesign and balancing the difficulty level. That buzz saw level is brutal but very satisfying to beat 😆

Any chance of a download option?

uhhh i crashed the game somehow


Volty’s Quest (Gameplay Walkthrought)


well done ! just a bit stressy sometimes ... 👍


Great game! I really love the music, even the death sound sounds amazing! This is the 2nd game I've played of yours and you've earned yourself a follow!


Loved it


I have to say that I think this was a super game! The necessity of recharging in the midst of a blind panic about not being mauled by flying buzz-saws or deadly goop added a whole new dimension to the already cleverly put-together platforming aspects.

Some levels definitely took a little more lateral thinking than others, but because none of them were too long it was never too frustrating having to restart when you goof!

I was also pleasantly surprised by how much content there is here, definitely got a lot more enjoyment (and equal parts anger) out of this one =)

Great and sweet !

The design and the green color scheme are awesome! Had a great time playing!