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Camping at the base of Mt. Bigsnow, you and your boyfriend Greg are resting up for the climb to the summit tomorrow. But when Greg goes out to relieve himself in the middle of the night(typical Greg) and doesn't come back, you know something is wrong. His scream a second later may be another hint.

Stumbling from your tent, you look up just in time to see Greg being devoured alive by some sort of giant Ice Worm! As it burrows back into the ground, you grab your bow and a single arrow and charge in after it.

Along the way:
-solve 30+ puzzles
-battle terrifying 8-bit beasts, and 4 deadly bosses!
-ponder the deeper meaning of why a nasty old wizard seems to continually revive you and transport you back to a minute before Greg dies!


Z - Jump

X - Shoot / Grab Arrow

Arrow Keys - Move

1..6 - Change Color Palette



@CottageGames (Mike Jennings)

@GameArtGuy1 (Aiden Carrie)

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsNasty Old Wizard, Lizard
GenreAction, Adventure
Tags2D, Female Protagonist, Game Boy, GBJam, Pixel Art, Roguelite


GBJam.zip 10 MB
GBJam.exe (Installer) 23 MB

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